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Dental Implants

Simply Crown and Bridge are involved in the restoration of many dental implant cases and undergo regular advanced training to keep up with the constant progression of implant technology. We are holders of the prestigious Straumann Platinum Status award. Based in Basel, Switzerland, The Straumann Group is a global leader in implant and restorative dentistry and oral tissue regeneration.

They describe the platinum award thus.

"Platinum Approved Status" is Straumann's ultimate recognition of a technician with comprehensive knowledge of the technical aspects of the Dental Implant Systems, and underpins the genuine working partnership between technician and practitioner striving to achieve the ultimate results in implantology.

In cosmetic dentistry, there can have been few more important advances than the ability to replace missing dentition, supported on an artificial root.

When a patient has had an implant fitted, a crown or bridge is constructed in the laboratory designed, using precision parts, to fit perfectly with the implant and any existing teeth.

Implant crowns and bridges come in many forms but all need perfect precision and great understanding from both dentist and technician.

A few examples of implant crowns and bridges can be seen below: