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IPS e.max

IPS e.max is a system that has completely revolutionised the way we think about aesthetic crown and bridge work. Quite simply, no other system comes close to the combination of outstanding natural beauty and high mechanical strength. This combination gives us amazing flexibility enabling its usage for a vast variety of restorations.

So what makes this system so special?

e.max is a revolutionary glass ceramic, when pressed under high temperature and pressure it can be formed into immensely strong and immensely beautiful shapes and colours. We use this property to produce a wide variety of dental appliances which perfectly match natural teeth.

First and foremost we use it to veneer teeth, creating beautiful smile makeovers, it's amazing strength even in very thin section make it ideally suited to this purpose.

The case below was created by Simply Crown and Bridge using ultra fine e.max veneers. The patient had suffered some loss of tooth tissue due to erosion we replaced that lost tissue with no cutting of the tooth being required. The finished e.max veneers were only 0.2 to 0.3mm thick.



Whether or not you teeth will require some preparation will depend on what you are having done. In the following case tooth material had to be removed to align the teeth. However, only the absolute minimum was removed thanks to good planning and the strength of e.max.



We also use e.max for the manufacture of many other dental appliances and is our first choice when it comes to metal free dentistry. Please see some examples of its other uses below.