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Why select Metal Free Crowns and Bridges?

Your dentist will ask you to choose between metal free porcelain crowns and porcelain crowns bonded to a metal base. In our opinion there is only one choice to make. We recommend metal free. Metal free Crowns and Bridges, although more expensive, are the latest technology. They are as strong as any old style metal based crown or bridge, but with no metal to block light they have a natural translucence that closely mimics a natural tooth.

The delicate tissues of your mouth do not always react well to even the best metals used in dentistry and in some cases gum recession can occur.

However it is a very different story when metal free crowns are fitted. Tissues become healthier, and some re-growth can occur to form a natural tooth tissue border, with no more unsightly black lines. Gum recession is very rare when using all-ceramic metal free crowns and bridges.

Example 1

The before photo shows a typical porcelain crown bonded to a metal base. The gum has receded and the black shadow of the metal is beginning to show. This is a very common occurrence when using porcelain crowns bonded to a metal base. By comparison take a look at the after photograph. The metal free porcelain crown shows no black line and after only a month the tissue has recovered and is well adapted to the crown.



Of course it may be that you simply don't want metal in your mouth. Amalgam fillings and full metal crowns can be very unsightly. We now have technical solutions for all these situations and a metal free mouth is completely possible. Take a look at the photos below which show old metal fillings and crowns, replaced with new metal free crowns.