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Smile gallery

Case 1 - Smile design using six e.max veneers to correct overcrowding, Natural style design.

Case 2 - Smile makeover using 10 e.max veneers to correct severe discoloration, Hollywood smile design.

Case 3 - Smile design using e.max veneers to close spaces, bleached shade BL1, Natural style.

Case 4 - Four e.max crowns designed to give an individual look.

Case 5 - Smile makeover using e.max, Lumineer style no preparation veneers.

Case 6 - Smile design to reduce prominent teeth and even up gum lengths using e.max veneers.

Case 7 - Eight e.max veneers replacing old veneer work, rejuvenates this patients smile.

Case 8 - A full smile makeover with upper and lower e.max veneers covering heavily stained teeth.

Case 9 - Smile design replacing old veneers with ten new e.max veneers in shade B1.

Case 10 - A full mouth Smile design with twenty eight e.max crowns.

Case 11 - Sixteen upper and lower e.max veneers complete this smile makeover.

Case 12 - Eight e.max veneers restore this patients smile.

Case 13 - Smile line restoration using six e.max veneers.

Case 14 - Two e.max crown are carefully crafted to replace poor old crowns.

Case 15 - A smile makeover using e.max crowns and veneers giving the patient a new smile line.

Case 16 - MOST RECENT CASE: This patient had poor old crowns. She wanted a new smile but wanted to keep things looking natural. With our help she selected a natural smile design from our, Smile design chart, and an natural colour.

Case 17 - MOST RECENT CASE: Smile design using eight e.max minimal preparation veneers, to correct irregular teeth. This patient had always wanted straight teeth, but did not want to go through orthodontic treatment. Using e.max ultrathin veneers we were able to straighten her teeth with virtually no preparation.